About Hector

Hector Carmona, Jr. is an FEI dressage trainer, rider and coach. He is available worldwide for clinics in person and through video instruction. The principles of classical dressage were instilled in him by his father, U.S.Olympic coach and Chilean Olympic competitor Major Hector Carmona. Hector, grew up on one of the first,largest and most successful dressage centers in the United States, Los Alamos Dressage Center. Hectorwas also personally selected and trained by legendary Olympic rider Dr. Reiner Klimke, and Hubert Rohrer, Assistant Rider during the tenure ofAlois Podhajskyfrom the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Hector has shown extensively horses of all levels and breeds. The early years his father entrusted him with the re-schooling of thoroughbreds. He then added to the show lineup Swedish and German Warmbloods. Santana, one German horse, was the high scoring horse on the entire Eastern States Dressage and Combined training Association in the mid 1980’s. Hector’s scores from all levels range from 68% to 80%. In the 1980’s a score of 80% was largely unheard of Capriole, a Lipizzaner mare was successfully shown through the FEI level was equally high scores. The famed FEI dressage judge, Edgar Hotz watched him develop as a rider and trainer from an early age and stated, ”Young Hector is one of the rising young stars in the dressage world.”

Having grown up on a breeding as well as training facility, Hector has extensive knowledge and experience both of bloodlines and competing sporthorses. His athletic prowess as a highly competitive cross country runner enabled him to be a top notch in hand sport horse handler.He has competed at the famed Devon Dressage Show both with horses in hand and under saddle. He is familiar and comfortable with horses of all breeds. His large and longtime experience with Thoroughbreds, Swedish Warmbloods, Hanoverians as well as Lipizzaners, Andalusians, and Arabians gives him the ability to adjust his training techniques to the temperament of each individual horse.

Hector, was one of the primary instructors and trainers at his family’s riding establishment. Many of Grand prix riders got their start at the end of the lunge line doing daily lunge lessons. Hector’s emphasis on correct seat and independent balance is one of his many teaching strong points. His foundation years included vaulting, performance quadrilles, jumping and cross country riding. Cross country and riding out in the open still today remains a significant part of his schooling of young horses.

An accident in 1994, amputated his left arm. Carmona, having an instoppable passion for training was able to successfully design a prosthetic arm that enables him to continue riding at a competitive level. He finds great joy in working with Para equestrians continues to work at bringing greater awareness to individuals with handicaps.

As both a lifelong competitive equestrian and world class runner he has an understanding of consistent and methodical training keeping the welfare both physically and mentally of the horse paramount.

He continues to be a leader in the horse community speaking outagainst the training practice known as Rollkur, hyperflexion, or Low, Deep, Round (L.D.R.). These training techniques directly conflict with the teachings of classical dressage and rob the horse of its most fundamental tool when balancing itself: its neck.

Based on these teachings, Hector has focused on the development of the horse through training which promotes harmony between the horse and rider and the principles of Classical Dressage.